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Girls can be tough on themselves and each other. Social media and peer pressure can also contribute to negative self-image. Our unique "Happy Minds" program combines the practices of positive thinking, yoga and meditation to help build healthy minds and bodies. "Girls Talk"  is also a chance to share and learn techniques to develop optimism, emotional resilience and empathy. Quiet time will also be set aside to catch up on homework or just take a breather and refuel with a healthy snack.


Yoga is a great way to build strong minds and muscles in a non-competitive way. When we teach girls to pay attention to their breath and their body, we teach them to focus inward and the benefits are remarkable. Yoga is proven to help girls cope with stress, fear and anxiety. Our certified team members  customise the practice to help girls cultivate healthy body awareness, self-esteem and compassion for themselves and each other, on and off the mat.

Mindful Meditation

Meditation is about training minds to be quiet and still by learning how to focus on one thought, sound, or breath at a time. The practice of mindfulness helps build confidence, compassion and emotional resilience, critical tools to help girls deal with the turmoil of adolescence. Teens who practice meditation also report they are better able to deal with peer pressure–a powerful force for adolescents. An added bonus, meditation is proven to help kids focus and perform better academically.

Girls Talk

To build happy minds we want to teach girls techniques proven to build optimism. These "happiness exercises" will be part of the "Girls Talk" segment, facilitated chats where girls can share their thoughts and feelings on anything from dealing with peer pressure to how to make the best slime! Inspiring role models will also be part of our monthly guest speakers feature, as will experts in the fields of nutrition, cyber safety and mental health wellness.

Homework Time/Snack Break

Bring those books and snacks to BreathGirls or opt into our snack packages. After a break and a round of brain-boosting meditation, the "Happy Minds" program sets aside quiet time for girls to keep up with their school work. The BreatheGirls team will be happy to provide some help if needed. And if there's no homework assigned, HOORAY! Why not take the opportunity to do some quiet reading? Only rule is, no devices! - unless you need to reach Mom or Dad.


What are the program hours?

Happy Minds runs from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Summer Day Camp runs from 9:00 - 1:00.

Where does Happy Minds take place?

St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church, 1399 Bayview Ave., Toronto

How do I register?

Any of the following ways:

  • Become a Member and we will send you the registration pack.
  • Go to the Registration tab on this site  and download the form.
  • Send us an email breatheleaside@gmail.com

How can I pay?

Payment by Interac e-mail money transfer, credit card, debit card and cheque are accepted to secure your spot.

How do I connect with the BreatheGirls team or my child during program days?

You can reach the team members by email breatheleaside@gmail.com. Although Happy Minds is a device-free space, the girls are permitted to have their phones available for contact with parents and caregivers only.

Can I join a season session after it has started?

Yes! And if you're not sure you will like it, please join us for a free trial class.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

We are happy to provide yoga mats for participants. Comfortable clothing  fitted for flexibility and easy movement is recommended.

Can I pack my own snack?

Girls are free to bring their own healthy nut-free snack.

Anything we haven't covered? Please feel free to contact us by clicking the "Questions" button below...

Drop In Workshops

1 hour sessions built for girls and boys and delivered on a drop in basis. A great way to ease in to Happy Minds.

Check out the Rate Schedule below for dates and locations of upcoming workshops!


We will be hosting free online Happy Minds sessions to help us breathe through these uncertain times together.

Check our facebook page for details! 

"Breathe and be happy"

Happy Minds Rate Schedule

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